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Discover the Five Ways of the Warrior in twenty-eight Visual Poetic Reflections inspired by the four greatest Masters of the Martial Way: Lao TzuMaster of Taoism, BodhidharmaMaster of Shaolin, Sun TzuMaster in the Art of War, and Miyamoto MusashiMaster of Strategy. The essence of these four approaches to martial training and application culminate in the fifth, and final, way of the warrior: The Way of Death. Experience the "Void" and enter the mind and world of the Warrior Poet.

Excerpts from the Five Ways of the Warrior:

Excerpt from "The Way" One of Five Meditations on Taoism...

"Is additional mastery
and skill required?
These are the questions of fools!

Any understanding is possible
only in the silent recognition
of what cannot be spoken –
The immediate experience
of total Awareness...

Alive in the midst of eternal Being."

Excerpt from "Tiger Dragon" One of Six Meditations on Shaolin...

"Which is greater,
Tiger or Dragon?​
What appears as contrast
is often complementary.​
To recognize the balance
of Yin and Yang in the universe
is to bring balance into your life.​
The Void offers possibility,
possibility invites actuality,
actuality is reality
manifested in the world."

From "Art of Utilizing Energy" One of Six Meditations on War...

"The art of war is a balance between
direct and indirect maneuvers –
Incorporating the balance
between weakness and strength.
Although direct methods are best
when joining battle with the enemy –
Indirect methods are needed
to secure victory...
A well trained, well disciplined,
well led army, attacks an enemy
with the energy of a waterfall –
assailing the rocks below."

From "Way of Strategy" One of Six Meditations on Strategy...

"All ways have value
and merit for a warrior,
which must be acknowledged
and embraced.
Each way manifests
its unique aspect of the void;
Actualizing its particular response
when called upon.

Victory may be achieved
through many ways;
Mastery is achieved
through strategy...

Strategy is not history –
Indoctrination of the past
is not strategy."

Excerpt from "A State of Knowing" One of Five Meditations on Death...

"Whatever life is…
Death is its complement –
Yet we fear
what we do not know.

the wise warrior
lives in a continual state
of deep meditation and awareness –

Always knowing."

Warrior Poet moves beyond the understanding of mere prose into the philosophical spirit of The Warrior's Way. These individual meditations follow The Path of the Warrior through five distinct theories of The Way: The Way of Taoism, The Way of Shaolin, The Way of Strategy, The Way of War, and The Way of Death. They are the distillation of over 2,000 years of wisdom, tradition, and my entire lifetime.

Enter the Void and experience The Way of the Warrior through the words of the Warrior Poet.

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