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The Second Book in a Six Part Series!

"How Things Work: A Brief History of Reality Book II – The Power of Three"

The once common assumption that human experience was a balance of physical and spiritual components was more and more becoming a choice: Do you believe in the “spiritual world” or the “real world?” Like the essential constituents of geometry and atoms, the underlying foundation for the experience of Christianity, the religion of the West, would also be based on a set of three abstractions: The Holy Trinity. 

Science became the religion of the “real” world, and theology became the “science” of the spiritual world. 

• How did the West expand the possibility of Dualism?

• What were the metaphysical foundations behind the Age of Science?

• What does Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity tell us about energy and matter?

• How did Einstein's General Theory of Relativity alter our perception of the universe?

• Why does the Bible have an "Old Testament" and a "New Testament?"

Who was Abraham, and how did he become the Patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?

• How did the story of Moses change and influence Western culture?
• What was the essential message of Jesus' teachings in the Gospels?

• What is the mystery that transcends Physics and Metaphysics?

What separates human beings from all other animals is our obsession with understanding the nature of our existence and reality. As self-conscious beings, we question our experience in terms of our unique relationship to it. This book encompasses both the history and the consequences of our struggle to grasp the concept of reality and the nature of our existence. How did we evolve from "homo sapiens" into "human beings?"

Part II – "The Power of Three: Understanding Reality Through Science and Religion" 
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