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Book III "The Enigmatic Mystery – Transcending the Duality of Science & Religion"

We are now beginning to understand that opposites, like waves and particles, are essentially two ways of looking at the same thing. That “thing” is the mystery. It is now becoming more and more apparent that the mystery science is seeking to understand is ultimately the same mystery religion is seeking to understand. This is the paradox we as human beings are currently facing. We are now at a point in our growth where we will likely transcend the mystery of dualism and embrace the unity of its source or fall back into the Dark Ages of Perception. It is time to stop fighting about how to solve the mystery and enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to transcend it.   

• What is the distinction between Knowledge, Understanding, and Meaning?

• What is the Scientific Explanation for Reality?

• What is the Theological Explanation for Reality?

• What are the current Unexplained Mysteries of Science?

• What are the Metaphysical Foundations for the Holy Trinity?

• What is the Atomic Trilogy?

• Is the Bible Fiction or Non-Fiction?
• What exactly is the Big Bang?

• What are Theoretical Entities?

• Is their a distinction between God and Electrons?

• Is it possible to Transcend Dualism?

What separates human beings from all other animals is our obsession with understanding the nature of our existence and reality. As self-conscious beings, we question our experience in terms of our unique relationship to it. This book encompasses both the history and the consequences of our struggle to grasp the concept of reality and the nature of our existence. How did we evolve from "homo sapiens" into "human beings?"

 "How Things Work" Part III – "The Enigmatic Mystery: Transcending the Duality of Science & Religion" 
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