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All Three Books Now In One Volume!

Volume I "Science & Religion: Understanding Essential Physics & Metaphysics"

What separates human beings from all other animals is our obsession with understanding the nature of existence and our reality. As self-conscious creatures, we question our experience in terms of our unique relationship to it. The questions regarding reality and how it affects our relationship with existence, reflect the fundamental premises leading to the greatest advancements of humanity: language, mathematics, philosophy, religion, science, medicine, art, music, politics, and more. It could certainly be argued that our recognition, understanding, and manipulation of reality is the essential history of our species.

This book encompasses both the history and consequences of our struggle to grasp the concept of reality and the nature of our existence. It also helps explain why things are the way they are, and how “mass” consciousness directly effects the ultimate manifestation of our present and future reality. The reconciliation of experience, understanding, and consciousness now offers us a novel view of reality, and its consequences as manifested through existence, that is reflected through pure abstraction. We stand on the abyss of the most important revelation of all time: Reality, is not as real as we thought. 

INCLUDES ALL THREE BOOKS: I "Dualism," II "The Power of Three" and III "The Enigmatic Mystery"  

• How did Dualism Influence Virtually Every Aspect of Our Reality?

• What is the Difference Between Eastern and Western Dualism?

• How did Dualism lead to Our Current State of Digital Technology?

• What is Abstract Reasoning and how did it lead to the Age of Science?

• How did Einstein's Theories of Relativity Fundamentally Change Our Concept of Reality?

• What is the Distinction Between the Old Testament and the New Testament?

• What is the Scientific Explanation for the Universe?
• What is the Biblical Explanation for the Universe?

• What is the distinction between Knowledge, Understanding, and Meaning?

• Is it possible to Transcend Dualism?

Science and religion both seek the truth about reality. One explores an objective reality recognized by the five senses as tangible, and therefore “real.” One explores a subjective reality of what exists beyond the five senses in the abstraction of human reason, which is eternal, and therefore perhaps even “more real.” Human beings are a combination of both these realities. With the revelation of Einstein’s theories of Relativity and the birth of Quantum Mechanics, the line between what is “physically real” as opposed to physically “not real” has virtually disappeared. A new abstraction, consciousness, is now becoming the main focus of that mystery...

Essentially, science and religion have the same goal; transcendence of our current state of awareness and understanding to a new higher level of awareness and understanding. However, in the end, all roads lead to a mystery. Therefore, the choice to pursue the mystery may be more important than the path you choose to pursue it. Ultimately, we are the mystery.  

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